Location sharing has never been that easy as with LOCACIO

A lightweight single-button app that's as user friendly as an app can be.

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Close Up Features

Here is what makes Locacio a must-have companion in your daily life.

  • Anonymous

    This application doesn't require sign-up or registration, and is not tracking your location when you don't ask it to.

  • Efficient

    No power or data is wasted. A very lightweight app that won't slow your phone down or interfere with other apps.

  • Platform agnostic

    You can share your location with people who don't have this or any other app, all they need is web browser. Any browser.

  • Free

    Locacio is absolutely free and doesn't include any hidden charges. It also makes sure you don't pay extra when abroad.

It's YOU-centric

What makes Locacio particularly bright little tool in your pocket, is that it cares about you and knows your needs.

Your eyes only

It's only you and your recipients who see your location, even for a limited time. There is no 3rd party tracking that could identify or trace you.

Share and forget

You don't need to turn off the tracking, as it will turn off automatically. The only button in the app takes care of the whole process.

Easy to Customize

Every thing that's worth customizing in this app, can be changed.

Clean & Elegant Design

With only one button, you can't miss.

It's FREE!

There are no hidden charges or extra features to buy.


Unlike other geolocation apps, this one won't drain your battery and will even stop once the battery level becomes critical.

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What can it do for you

You know how trackers work these days. They hang in the background, requiring you to authenticate, establish bonds with your contacts, and enforce that all of you would use the same app. Then the history of your whereabouts will be stored somewhere forever after. In some scenarios it sounds like a bad dream.
Locacio is different. The app is not storing your path anywhere. It doesn't require you to form any kind of connection to your recipients. You can share your location at any time, for any time, with anyone, and that anyone doesn't even need to have the phone.
You don't have a user profile here, no history, it's quick and easy, so you can share your whereabouts with strangers when you need it, without unpleasant thought that someone may trace you down even tomorrow. Even service owners won't tell who shared connection with who, you are the only one who is in control of your data.

There are numerous scenarios where this can be used. You can use this app to meet with friends without the need to call every 2 minutes to check the location. You can let someone know when you will arrive, without having to call from the car or the train. Even use it in marketing, by offering someone to chase you to get the discount, or in social activity, to manage the groups of people. In hide-and-seek games in open space, there are no limits to imagination.

And it's all free.

  • You can re-send the same invitation to different people. No need to create new share.
  • Keep your phone on charge while in the car, to get the best precision. Otherwise just keep the phone active.
  • You can share your location using any messenger you have installed. Including SMS, E-mails and IM.
  • If you are using navigation app like Google Maps, Here Maps or any other, they will share location data with Locacio, so that use of energy will be optimal.


The look and feel of this app is simple and functional. You get what you need. And you don't what you don't.

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